Cale Szczescie (Polsk Engelsk tekst)

A go-getting celebrity and a man intimidated by her charm. Why did fate bring them together? Will they be able to find their happiness with each other? Cale Szczescie is a charming summer-holiday-vibe story of love that appears in unexpected circumstances.

The peaceful and organized life of Robert (Piotr Adamczyk), a symphony orchestra musician and single dad to a ten-year-old boy, Filip (Maks Balcerowski), takes a sudden turn when Marta (Roma Gasiorowska), a charming and energetic popular fitness star runs into it. Two dissimilar characters, two different takes on love and life. Her world in a nutshell: big city, exotic travels, and sports. Marta has her own TV-shows and writes culinary books, and her face appears on the covers of the most popular magazines. Robert is a walking denial of the “sporty way of life”. His world is a safe haven comprised of parental duties, basketfuls of laundry, his son’s maths tests – all of it is working well until Martha walks into his life.
Skuespillere Roma GasiorowskaPiotr AdamczykJoanna LiszowskaMarieta ZukowskaIzabela DabrowskaMaks BalcerowskiJacek BorusinskiJoachim Lamza i Tomasz Sapryk. Regi Tomasz Konecki Premiere 29.03.2019 Manus Marcin Baczynski Mariusz Kuczewski

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