Karta kaime

Om filmen

Tittel: Karta kaime

Premiere: 2022-09-03

Varighet: 1t 41min

Aldersgrense: 18 år

Regissør: Marius Pocevicius

A classic of the Lithuanian province - nature is beautiful, everyone is loaded with work, though, there are not much people. Martynas, who lives in Veisiejai, has the goal of finding a wife, but he can't do it either on dating apps or in the neighborhood. After two years of unsuccessful searches, even the town's Mayor steps in to help. He organizes an influencer contest, hoping to attract tourists to Veisiejai, and at the same time find a wife for Martynas. The competition and the huge cash prize attract the attention of internet celebrities, among whom is the popular beauty Aureja. Martynas falls in love with a girl, but the plans of the budding couple are ruined by unexpected news.